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Start your Casper test prep with our comprehensive study material. Explore 20+ high-yield Casper-specific videos and course notes. Created and curated by Canadian and US medical and dental students
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PrepBeacon is proud to offer the MOST representative Casper practice tests available. Enjoy our pool of over 15+ tests, designed specifically for effective Casper test practice.

Instant Grading

Recieve instant grading & feedback for your Casper test by using Prepbeacon! Our sophisticated AI-powered Casper test prep is capable of reviewing your responses and providing highly detailed guidance.


After completing your PrepBeacon Casper practice test, review your responses and our feedback & grading to better understand where you excel and where you can improve.


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The PrepBeacon Difference

Combining Artificial Intelligence and Human feedback to provide you with instantaneous and high quality grading & feedback. This unique approach to Casper test prep is the PrepBeacon difference.

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Read the testimonials from our successful students who have benefited from our comprehensive Casper prep services and understand how PrepBeacon can be a game-changer for your Casper test prep.

"Their AI Casper test feedback blew me away with how accurate and detailed it was."

"Prepbeacon played a crucial role in my success on the Casper test. Their Ai feedback blew me away with how accurate and detailed it was & the fact that a medical student went over my answers added an extra layer of assurance. Thanks to Prepbeacon's top-tier Casper practice tests, I scored in the 4th quartile and secured admission into my dream program."
Arjun. G | MD Candidate 2T7
4th Quartile

"Prepbeacon allowed me to score in the 4th quartile, unlocking exciting opportunities for my future."

"Prepbeacon is a game-changer for Casper test preparation. Their tailored approach and simulated practice exams gave me the confidence to tackle any scenario presented in the Casper test. The strategies and tips I learned from Prepbeacon allowed me to score in the 4th quartile, unlocking exciting opportunities for my future."
Rebekah. B | MD Candidate 2T7
4th quartile

"Prepbeacon is the most representative resource I could find for the Casper test."

"Prepbeacon is the most representative resource I could find for the Casper test. With their user-friendly platform and insightful study materials, I gained a deep understanding of the test's requirements. The personalized feedback and support from Prepbeacon's dedicated mentors were invaluable in boosting my performance. Thank you Prepbeacon!"
Chloe. R | DO candidate 2T7
4th Quartile

Meet our team

At PrepBeacon, we’re not just an AI-powered Casper test prep platform; we’re a team of dedicated professionals committed to your success. Our team members, ranging from medical and dental students to engineers, bring a diverse array of expertise to ensure you get the most out of your Casper test practice. Together, we’re dedicated to delivering the most effective, personalized Casper test preparation for every student.

Mani. O
Medical Student 
McGill University

Abbas. R
Dental Student 
University of Toronto

PrepBeacon Ai Coach

Fayaaz. R
Medical Student
McMaster University

Rija. K
B.Sc. Life Sciences
McMaster University 

Eric. I
Dental Student
University of Toronto

Omar. S
B.Sc. Life Sciences
McMaster University

Harrison. D
Labratory Scientist
Michener Institute

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